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I am a practicing family physician and it's been an interesting experience to play the role of the patient. I can only hope that my patients are as satisfied with the care and service that my clinic and I provide as I am with the care provided by Dr. Reese and his staff. I am happy to state that I can unequivocally recommend Dr. Reese and his staff!
Very few people are aware of the fact that everyone’s hair is as unique as a fingerprint. This ranges from the curl, color and pattern of your hair line to the contrast between your scalp and hair. No two people have the same head of hair! This is exactly why Dr. Robert Reese provides his patients with individualized and custom made hair loss treatments and strategies to meet their expectations, goals and needs.

As a first step to the treatment, Dr. Reese draws up a plan. This is done with an evaluation of the “four Cs”: caliber of hair, curl of hair, color contrast between scalp and hair, and characteristics of hair loss pattern and facial structure. He uses this information to develop a unique treatment plan.

Reese Hair Restoration offers a range of surgical hair loss solutions. Twenty five years of experience has helped Dr. Reese to develop the skill, precision and artistry needed to recreate your natural hairline. He pays special attention when developing the angulations, dissection and placement of each follicle to make sure patients get the best of density and natural looks. The types of surgical hair loss treatments he undertakes are:

Microscopic Follicular Unit Transplantation

In this procedure, the follicular units are transplanted. These units include a tiny sac of skin tissue under the scalp and the hairs which grow out of it. Single units are placed using microscopes for dissection. This helps provide patients with benefits of little or no scarring and natural looking hair.

Multi-Unit Grafting

In this procedure, more than one follicular unit is captured in each graft. Through this technique, patients can avail of greater hair density.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Dr. Reese strongly recommends this procedure for people with very short hair styles. Follicular units are removed individually by means of a miniscule surgical punch. Therefore, only the uppermost layer of the scalp’s skin is removed. The follicular units are then transplanted and patients are left with round and tiny spot-like scars.

Dr. Reese also offers a range of non-surgical treatments which have helped reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth too. The natural hair loss treatments offered by Reese Hair Restoration are:

Laser Hair Therapy

This is a great alternative to hair transplant surgery and to hair loss medication. In this therapy, the scalp is exposed to “cool” or low level laser energy. This helps increase the blood supply and stimulates the follicles to produce stronger and thicker hair. This treatment is also used to hasten the healing after hair transplant surgery and to help strengthen the transplanted hair.


This is an FDA approved drug used in the treatment of mild-to-moderate hair loss. Benefits of this oral drug may take as much as three months to appear and it can work only if the drug is taken indefinitely. However, Dr. Reese emphasizes to patients that they will probably lose the gained hair once they stop taking the drug.


This is a fluid which is topically applied to stabilize hair loss. It helps reduce hair loss and helps re-growth. Steady use of the product has helped Dr. Reese’s patients benefit from greater volume and growth of hair after four months.

Herbal Therapy

Dr. Reese recommends this therapy to patients who have undergone surgical treatments and to those who want to take a natural approach.

Hair Systems

Better known as wigs, hair systems are a great option for those who want full scalp coverage and notable hair density. Reese Hair Restoration helps connect patients who are interested in hair systems with reputable providers. At Reese Hair Restoration, there is a solution for everyone! Visit Dr. Reese to find out more about the hair restoration options available to you.
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